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My Mission

My goal is to create an original artistic platform that will make a difference in people's lives, that will inspire people to think beyond themselves. A great part of my artistry is focused on the importance of giving back. My family members have dedicated their lives to community service and so it is a big part of who I am. This platform intends to bring artists together to create art that will take society a step further. 

Growing up I was fortunate enough to receive a solid art education, but not everyone has the same luck. My goal is to provide free art education to as many people as possible. 

  • For some years now I have been collaborating with the National University of Athens, Greece in the program "Summer School for Roma Children", where I voluntarily worked as a music and dance teacher. This summer program prepares Roma children who haven't received a formal education to start regular school the following fall.

  • Another organization I have been working with is the Community Conservatory of Athens, that provides free music education to children and adults who cannot afford private conservatories. I voluntarily worked there as voice and harmony teacher. 

With Vasilis, one of my music and dance students at the Roma Summer School

With Marilina, one of my voice students at the Community Conservatory

Art Education for Everyone

Positivity as a State of Mind

In difficult times artists are the ones who should use their gift to uplift people, and also one another. After the 2016 Election I noticed that many people in my college were unable to process the new facts. Many sad faces around me inspired me to create the Positivity Wall which I put up in the school's library where I work as a student employee. Every student could share a positive thought with the whole community. The Positivity Wall was received much better than I could have ever wished for, and many students expressed how helpful it was for them to read positive thoughts from their peers.

Artists Giving Back

My next goal is to organize a system that connects my college's cafeteria with Boston's homeless shelters. When I noticed that the cafeteria was throwing away the remaining food every night, I was compelled to contact them and find a way to donate the food to homeless' shelters around the city. I aim to get other artists from my school involved so we can provide the homeless not only with food, but also with live performances and cultural events.

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